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From savoury and spicy meals and snacks to our world famous Jamaican coffee and rum. Choose from a comprehensive selection of roots and Reggae music, art and craft, aromatherapy and fine accessories, in our newest boutique. Travel happy.

We invite you to browse our selections below.

Name of Business Name of Company Telephone Number
Burger King Restaurant Associates Limited 924-8812
Island Grill Versair Inflite Services (2006) Limited 9248818
Cockpit Bar Versair Inflite Services (2006) Limited 924-81831
Island Deli Versair Inflite Services (2006) Limited 924-8131
Island Frydays Airways Restaurant (2011) Limited 924-8095
Things Jamaican Jamaica Business Development Centre 924-8556
2 Hampers & A Mule 2 Hampers & A Mule Limited 9248668
Casa de Xaymaca Distant Enterprises Limited 924-8215
Step Inside Roelchi Trading company Limited 788-3991
Fantasy Grab &Go Pioneer Mnaufacturing Company Limited 757-1336/54-0831
Cafe Blue coffee Traders Limited 632–0596
Tuff Gong Bhavela Jamaica Limited 932-7163
Books & CDs LMH Retail Publishing Limited 924-8379
Fantasy Confectionery Pioneer Manufacturing Company Limited 456-3547
Port of Call TM Traders Limited 924-8037
Last Call Tobacco TM Traders Limited 9248537
Digicel Digicel Jamaica Limited 361-7939
Flight Pac Decorative Expressions Limited 924-8672
Snack Shack Goddard Catering Group 924-8131
Walk Good Roelchi Trading company Limited
Gateway Shoppe Distant Enterprises Limited
Sun Kissed
Going Nuts Coconut
Hot Dog Village


The Future is Here, Choice. Convenience. Comfort.

Our Airport is being transformed into a spacious and modern facility with services and facilities to meet the needs and expectations of today’s travelers.  We are creating a stimulating and memorable Airport experience, with shopping and dining an integral and exciting aspect of our service offerings.

The Airport Retail Plan for the new Departure Concourse is currently being finalized and provides extensive service choice and brand name merchandising opportunities within a uniquely Jamaican Airport shopping and dining space; offering variety and convenience to the traveler throughout the new Terminal.

For our local and international travelers, duty free shopping is an opportunity to acquire select, high quality goods at great prices.  Four new Duty Free Shops are being built in the new Departure Lounge, with the preferred offerings endorsed by our savvy travelers.  For the ‘just landed’ traveler our planned Arrivals Duty Free shop, in the pre-Customs area, provides additional shopping opportunities.